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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Reasons Why you Should Try Mountain Biking

People give many different reasons to not try mountain biking. Some think that they have crossed the age threshold, some think they are quite out of shape to trust their life to two wheels, while some are just plain scared of getting hurt.
But irrespective of how fit, experienced or brave you are, mountain biking is a perfect activity for almost anybody. However, if you still need to be given reasons to try this sport, here are some:

Gets you Outside

Most of us that take a resolution to stay fit either end up joining a gym or taking the subscription of a centre where they can play indoor some sports. While both these options are great, they do not really take us out in the true sense. Science repeatedly rubs this in our faces how it is so crucial for us to relish the great outdoors every once in a while.
Due to the kind of lifestyle that most of us lead, vitamin D has become one of those things that we only hear and read about. Mountain biking can literally take you out for a ride and also supplies you with an abundance of Vitamin D (provided you go biking in the morning and not at night).
Running is great too but the maximum distance that you can cover in a single workout is like 10 kms unless you are Rocky Balboa. On a mountain bike you can cover a greater distance and at the same time treat your eyes to the many diverse terrains on your way.

Low Impact Workouts

It is an ideal workout for those dealing with obesity or weak bones as it is a low impact exercise. Running for instance can be quite hard on your knees and lead to frequent injuries. Despite being a low impact workout biking doesn’t quite compromise on the number of calories that you burn in a single session. Thus when it comes to the ratio of effort taken to calories burnt biking ranks quite high.

A Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It is not just the fact that you are physically engaged but also that you are mentally engaged for each minute that you are working out on your mountain bike. Just like a person that goes skiing, you are required to be in the moment and in the flow when you’re riding.
Research suggests that those who enjoy activities which help them achieve a flow state are known to be relaxed and happier. It is quite easy to explain since workout of any kind leads to a release of dopamine in our brain which is the chemical that takes us to an elevated state of mind.

Different Styles

There are so many different ways in which you can enjoy the sport of mountain biking. There are some who prefer to ride long distances while there are some who like to ride on off road trails.
Riding long distances can help you to develop a great core strength which can make you capable of performing well in several other types of workout. They can lead to greater endurance and make you stronger physically as well as mentally.
Off roading can be quite a fun experience too. It can be a bit risky as you need to balance yourself well as the bike goes over rocks and uneven terrain. It takes a bit of skill and experience to handle off roading on a mountain bike but when you get a hang of it, it is sheer pleasure.

Social Activity

Like any other sport, mountain biking brings you in touch with different people who share a similar passion for the sport. As it is relatively easier you can make most of your friends and relatives try it too.
Bike shops can get you in touch with the biking community which organise group rides. Participating in such rides can help you meet new people and make you expand your social circle. They can prove to be of immense support to help you stick with the sport and make you fitter and more skilled at riding.
Mountain biking can be a great way to become physically fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. You can also learn more about avalanche to find out which other activities you may enjoy.

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