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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Social Media in One Place on AppBrowzer

We as humans are obsessed with communication. In fact, that’s the sole reason we are the most advanced species on planet Earth. Our distinct sense of language has made it possible for the advancement of the human race. The modes of communication have drastically changed over the many years. Long strides have been made in recent years with the advent of Social Media. It has sparked a whole new dimension in the way we function. Its effect is seen in all spheres of life. 

The age of Social Media

Social Media has been on a constant rise ever since the launch of Facebook back in 2004. We take a look at some of the biggest platforms in India and see what makes them unique. Ever since the launch of Facebook back in 2004, it has seen a meteoric rise, especially in recent years. The platform has paved the way in post-modern communication. Twitter comes next in 2006. Even the developers didn’t think much of it and its explosive growth. About 350 million users use it on a monthly basis. It’s gotten a name for itself with the ‘tweet’ sensation. It has also got the famous hashtag symbol to modern-day communication. 

Countless users search for hashtags for their choice to see what’s trending in the world. It’s founders, however, have termed it more of an information platform than a social place. It is the go-to place to find trends and latest happenings. LinkedIn has gotten its space as well amidst the professionals of today. It has served and helped a lot of professionals and business alike. Instagram has shot to fame with its unique photo sharing platform. Today, there are over a billion daily users using the app. 

New Age Problem

After noticing the massive usage on social media by Indian and people around the globe. There remained an underlying problem. Users have to constantly switch between apps to get to the app of their choice. It started a train of thought in AppBrowzer as to how to solve this pain point. We started to look into the top widely used social media apps used by Indians namely- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

We developed for each platform instant apps also known as express apps. We were mindful of the fact that the native app experience is of utmost importance to the user. The sole reason for social media’s rise is the experience, so it was crucial for us to protect that experience. Express apps were the way to go since they are fast, reliable and the user experience is as similar to the native app itself. That was the start to solve the pain point. 

Too many Social Apps leads to Clutter 

Introducing Smart Social on AppBrowzer

To bring it all together, we had to take the approach of ‘Smart Apps’. Before we go any further, what are Smart Apps? It is a revolutionary technology brought in by AppBrowzer. They are category based apps that give users instant access. For example, shopping is a popular category so they become ‘Smart Shopping’, giving users instant access to all the top shopping apps. How does this happen though? You can split the screen to different apps, that wouldn’t make sense since the real estate would be too small for each app. 

Instead with the help of express apps, we created a simple swipe feature that would easily give you access to them all. This was the launchpad for us to bring social media under one roof. With ‘Smart Social’, users can now get the latest from their social life with just a simple swipe. The experience remains the same as that of the native apps. What’s more, you can add Smart Social on your on your home screen to get it with a single tap.

In Conclusion

It’s time to make the switch to the next-gen wave of app technology. With Smart Apps, AppBrowzer is changing the way users across the globe use their smartphone. A lot of strides are made in changing and updating smartphones but little is done for apps on the smartphone. Download AppBrowzer today and get your social life in one screen! 

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